We Fund Bootcamp Students

(And That's All We Do)


The Skills Promise


Funding For Success

No school can function without being funded. Yet too many lenders hold back a mysteriously large amount of loan proceeds or fund only a portion of the cost of attendance.

We’re leading a change in this. Our goal: fund what students and schools need to succeed. Simple. Fast. More funding sooner.


Total Transparency

We keep it simple for everyone. Your students will understand the contract, there will be no hidden fees and everything is according to the book.

You don’t want surprises, and neither do your students. The happier your students are with their loan, the happier they’ll be with your school.



What’s a HENRY? High Earner Not Rich Yet. That’s the criteria a lot of "fin tech" companies use to fund your students but we think it’s too narrow.

We expand well beyond that. If you believe in a student, we probably will too. Our mission is to expand access to quality skills schools.

Partner Schools

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We will help you revolutionize skills education

We understand accelerated learning programs better than anyone in the financing business. Our founder was Secretary of Education for the State of Colorado. He knows everything that’s right and wrong about traditional higher education. Everyone at Skills Fund loves the bootcamp experience and we see the value in what you’re doing.

We get it. You’re changing education forever and we’re right here with you.

When Your Students Have Access to Skills


  • Easy to apply
  • Our online application system is straightforward, simple, and quick.


  • Cost of attendance
  • We’ll finance not just tuition, but also a stipend for housing during the program.


  • Great servicing
  • When they need to speak to someone, it’s always delivered with “Iowa Nice.”
  • Full disclosures
  • No hidden fees or terms; students know exactly what they are borrowing.
  • Choice of loan length
  • Students can pick 3- or 5-year terms with monthly payments to fit their budget.
  • Hardship programs
  • We provide resources to assist borrowers through unexpected short-term obstacles.
  • Great rates
  • We tell students before they apply what their rate will be.
  • Time to look for work
  • Students can defer payments up to 60 days after graduation to find the right job (not applicable to non-deferred loan types).
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • We want your students to rock their new careers, thus no penalties for early payoff.

Does Your School Pass the Skills Test?


Is your curriculum built with input from industry and employers?


Do your teachers and pedagogy lead to effective learning?


Is there a process to screen for high-potential students?

Career Services

Do you have a great process to aid students in job placement?


Do your grads land great jobs, quickly, with real income gains?


Are you approved by appropriate regulatory authorities?