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DropDeck will revolutionize the way businesses are funded because there are so many people who are interested in becoming more involved by funding promising companies. The task becomes daunting when information about startups is abundant, but reliable information is scarce, and this situation worsens when one makes the attempt at researching companies while they try to figure out how to integrate several independent platforms to take care of their investing needs.

From A.I. deep learning algorithms churning masses of data to the blockchain providing consistency, speed, and security, DropDeck provides the all-inclusive platform to service companies with loans and cryptocurrency funding — all securely developed with smart contracts to ensure that all funds are repaid. All of this is tied together by using a cryptocurrency, the Decentralized DropDeck (DDD) Token. The DDD Token provides a mechanism by which all of the users agree upon its value commit to a one-time action (like contributing a fund to a company) according to terms via the same smart contracts. When all parsed in a way to develop a feedback loop which rewards users for successful participation, DropDeck provides a token with growing value in a space that desperately needs consolidation.

So what is our competition providing?

While we have already discussed some of the details in terms of the specific services that our competition provides (titled “Shortfalls in investing and lending platforms”), we can outline some main points from our analysis. Approximately one-third of the available platforms provide any forms of data access about the companies therefore it is likely that a user will have to have. To lend an example, here is a breakdown in the category of investing platforms.

number of platforms

In the space of investing platforms we can note some disparities among the services provided between some of our competitors and to get an all around experience that one can use in their investing practices one will currently need to subscribe to several platforms. Management between multiple apps in modern times, while it is becoming second-nature, can be a real hassle when the information is about vital decisions and there’s simply no agreement among the different services offered which service to use in which circumstance. There is also no validation service (for the most part; only 4 companies offer credit scoring), which is unfortunate because this could be a way to provide a transparent relationship between all the parties involved.

DropDeck’s overview of lending platforms:

lending platforms

In this diagram, there is more overlap between the services, but particularly one disparity of which should be alarming to certain companies. Only one offers full support with cryptocurrency lending therefore an integration in this space would be a massive lifesaver.

DropDeck as a unifying force and unification of platform functionality

The DropDeck Platform is a unifying force in terms that it fills all the gaps left by existing lending and investing platforms as we discuss in length in our previous article. DropDeck aspires to be your ideal, all-in-one funding experience from a company first getting listed in the sea of competition and all the way down the chain to evaluations, appraisals, legal officiating by delegators, smart contract development, to funding, growing and receiving your funds and scheduled returns. The blockchain framework for DropDeck really provides an advantage in that its abilities to flawlessly integrate seemingly independent functions so that an otherwise complicated process for an end-user (using multiple clunky platforms) can be streamlined in one smooth control panel.

The fusion of investing and trust

Some companies out there charge a premium by providing evaluations but it is hard to get specifics on whether or not the evaluations have solid metrics supporting them, therefore we need a smart-system that can machine learn to provide transparent metrics based on actual human behaviors and real life outcomes, not on the intention of claims — at least not by untrusted participants. By using the DDD Token, being based in an ecosystem that will continuously grow with its users, it DropDeck provides the safest environment possible for companies and individuals of all sizes to flourish.

Integrating blockchain technology and A.I.

In the second part of our article “The Three Innovations of Drop Deck”, we explain how integrating blockchain technology with in A.I. applications equipped with machine learning abilities will drive forward better and more consistent trust scores along with fewer sunk opportunity costs. Since this wasted potential can quickly be converted to gains that grow, the market possibilities for providing funders, backers, contributors, companies, hunters, evaluators, delegators, insurers, and the many other users who may benefit from our platform is seemingly endless, the DDD Token will have yet another driver influencing its own growth. These two technologies, when properly fused, provide security and stability with a system that causes users believe in operating from the best intentions while having trust in the community at large as well as their trust in the information they’re presented.

The DDD Token is the glue that holds it all together

DropDeck’s transparency and DDD Token are continuously growing in value, and that provides a landscape for people to spend more time on the tasks they prefer over the tasks they feel pressured to complete. This focalization of work will provide a feedback process in itself for users to get better at providing the functions that they provide so that the rate at which the token’s value increases should increase as well.

If time is money: DropDeck saves both while it grows

Getting trustworthy, coherent information from solid sources that can be relied upon time after time is exceedingly rare. If DropDeck can provide the trust, then the trust causes the first amount of pressure for its growth, while other aspects of the DDD Token all feed into this big feedback loop designed to increase in value from several major avenues.

It was shown in our whitepaper that the entire market size for startups seeking funding in the landscape of lending and investing is approximately 33.3 billion USD. Out of that sum of money, let us examine a breakdown in terms of how that money ends up being allocated.

lending investing ICOs

A generic breakdown suggests simply in terms of the amount of money in time spent, funders and lending companies could save up to $10 billion dollars by having all the investment information in one location on a single user interface. Narrowing down from a list of 10,000 companies to 10 companies with a few clicks using our trustworthy platform will do exactly that if the contributors and companies that participate have the capacity to spend more time acting according to their specialty.

Obviously the bulk of the lost money through investments are not due to the logistics of evaluation and convenience of information access, but can be attributed to the sunk costs into failed companies, and that can be at least partially attributed to the lack of reliable information access. If a small percentage of these companies became successes instead of failures, the market cap of saving the market $33.3 billion dollars grows substantially because, across the board the distribution of growth is spread across every participant.

Decentralized DropDeck (DDD) Token sales

Our token will open for sales and this event will take place on November 21st, 2017. The token will be made available at the best, promotional price during the first hour of the sale event. After the crowd sale of the DDD Token ends, we will have a market cap and thus eligible for a small exchange. As DropDeck users contributor, the DropDeck Token will increase in value thus growing with respect to its market cap at an accelerating rate because as the tokens value increases, more tokens will be redistributed to the DropDeck community as an incentive for their participation.

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